XYZ | 25 October 2021

A recent acquisition – the announcement card by Dutch artist Maarten Ploeg for the 1985 exhibition ‘XYZ’ at Zeno X Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium. A nice addition to my collection of interesting invitation cards by artists I like, or still like.
The second photo is a beautiful, small print on the cover of a brochure, acquired at the Maarten Ploeg exhibition that I saw in 1985 in Galerie Jurka, Amsterdam. Liked it then, like it still.

‘XYZ’, Maarten Ploeg, invitation card, Zeno X Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium, 1985.
‘Schilderijen’, Maarten Ploeg, Dienst Beeldende Kunst, Den Bosch, 1985.

This selection comes from my private collection of catalogues, invitations to exhibitions, artists books and art magazines.

Martijn Sandberg, 25 October 2021

‘XYZ’, Maarten Ploeg, invitation card, 1985. (photo: Martijn Sandberg)

‘Schilderijen’, Maarten Ploeg, cover, offset, 1985. (photo: Martijn Sandberg)