Information and Inquiries

Artworks by Martijn Sandberg can be purchased and ordered online. Prices of the works in the section ‘Cut Paintings’, ‘Coated Paintings’, ‘Drawings’ and ‘Image & Language’, are on request. Feel free to inquire.

Click here to request information about the prices and availability of the artworks, to order prints, or contact the artist for other inquiries, such as concepts for site-specific artworks in public spaces and architecture, exhibition participation in art spaces, galleries and institutions, or curatorial related projects.



  • Image and text: Martijn Sandberg (MS)
  • Project assistance art: Christa Rinzema, Atelier Rinzema
  • Photography: Peter Cuypers, Martijn Sandberg, et al.
  • Translation NL-EN: Helen-Anne Ross
  • Website: Aram de Glas,