We’re Only In It For The Money | Coin edition

Nickel coin edition. Portrait of the artist as Mint Master and Money Maker.

The Art of Making Money

‘We’re Only In It For The Money’ is the relief text on the coin produced by Martijn Sandberg well before the date that the Euro entered circulation. The nickel coin was first issued in the year 2000, in an edition as multiples.
A transaction takes place when the coin is bought or sold. One currency is exchanged for another at the going rate, which rises or falls depending on both the exchange rate and the level of interest in the art market.
Is the coin a work of art that behaves like money, or money that behaves like art? The question is a circular one which will repeat itself endlessly, and it is up to the investor to answer it.

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Title: ‘We’re Only In It For The Money’
Artist: Martijn Sandberg
Material: coin, cupro-nickel, circulation quality
Coin edition: 1000
Size: diameter 30mm, thickness 1.75mm
Release: 2000
Publisher: Martijn Sandberg
Production: Royal Dutch Mint, Utrecht/ NL

Photo by: Tom Haartsen

‘We’re Only In It For The Money’, 2000, Martijn Sandberg, coin edition.