‘U Bevindt Zich Hier’, Oranje Vrijstaatkade, Amsterdam |  Dec 2019

On Wednesday 18 December, the artwork ‘U Bevindt Zich Hier’ (‘You Are Here’), created by artist Martijn Sandberg, will be unveiled on the Oranje Vrijstaatkade, Amsterdam. The artwork honours prominent residents, groups or places highlighting the character of District Oost in the twentieth century.

Consisting of more than 20 columns, the artwork is located on the Oranje Vrijstaatkade, from City Office Oost, alongside the facade of the former Ooster gasworks and on the waterside of the residential area to the corner by the Polderweg.

The pedestals are provided with texts appropriate to the persons, groups or places in District Oost in the twentieth century. The accompanying names and background information are deliberately not mentioned in the figuration upon the artwork. The artwork on site invites one to contemplate and literally ‘un-cover’ the ‘Legacy of the Twentieth Century’ oneself.

The website www.u-bevindt-zich-hier.nl functions as an online guide and forms part of the artwork. The website offers background information about the person, group or location to which the pedestal refers.

Everyone is very welcome to attend the unveiling.

Date: 18 December, 13.00 hours
Location: Corner City Office Oost/ Oranje Vrijstaatkade, Amsterdam

The artwork ‘U Bevindt Zich Hier’ (‘You Are Here’) is partly funded by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).

Photos by: Peter Cuypers

‘Het Was Altijd Al Zo’ (‘It Was Always Like This’), Martijn Sandberg, column.

‘Ik Weet Het Niet’ (‘I Don’t Know’), Martijn Sandberg, column.