Project Bridge Zuidas | 2020-2024

Martijn Sandberg has made a design for a pedestrian bridge at Amsterdam Zuidas in collaboration with Haasnoot Bruggen, commissioned by ZuidSchans C.V., Amsterdam.
The pedestrian bridge is a connection for De Boelelaan to the Zuidas, near building The George. The design is made in close coordination with the municipality of Amsterdam and the bridge is offered by ZuidSchans C.V.

More information can be found here:

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Website (text in Dutch)

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Artist: Martijn Sandberg
Project: pedestrian bridge, De Boelegracht, Zuidas, Amsterdam
Concept and design: 2019-2020
Project assistence: Christa Rinzema, Atelier Rinzema
Collaboration: Haasnoot Bruggen BV, Rijnsburg
Commissioned by: ZuidSchans C.V. (BPD and AM), Amsterdam

Bridge, Martijn Sandberg, Zuidas, Amsterdam, impression, July 2020.