‘In Plaats Van ‘DNB Weg Ermee’, Amsterdam | 9 June 2015

Martijn Sandberg reacts to the call for the De Nederlandsche Bank to be demolished to enable the return of the Palace for National Industry (Paleis voor Volksvlijt) to the Frederiksplein in Amsterdam.

Demolition of De Nederlandsche Bank, however, would imply that Peter Struycken’s intriguing artwork would be permanently lost to the Amsterdam street scene.

The plan for rebuilding the Palace for National Industry has recently been in the news again and at the moment questions are being asked of the Mayor and Alderman of Amsterdam by politicians.

Martijn Sandberg: ”By now the issue regarding reconstruction of the Palace for National Industry has been running for years yet mention of the Peter Struycken artwork on the De Nederlandsche Bank building is repeatedly omitted.
My initiative for writing and publication of the text ‘Instead Of ‘DNB Must Not Be‘ on the website, focuses on having the Peter Strucken artwork be a subject too whenever there is a call to reconstruct the Palace for National Industry; and connected to this, the demolition of De Nederlandsche Bank.
I consider that it is never too early to strike a different note – with an eye not to any short term effect but one in the long term – should demolition of De Nederlandsche Bank really be considered in the future.”

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The text ‘Instead Of ‘DNB Must Not Be‘ may be found in English and Dutch on the website in the ‘Stories’ section.

Click here for text ‘Instead Of ‘DNB Must Not Be’, in English as PDF.
Click here for text ‘In Plaats van ‘DNB Weg Ermee’, in Dutch as PDF.

Fence, 1992, Peter Struycken, DNB, Amsterdam. (photo: Martijn Sandberg, 2011)