Ben Even Weg

The artwork ‘Ben Even Weg’ (‘Back Soon’) by Martijn Sandberg is a free standing iron wall 4.5 metres high and 14.5 metres long, with the artwork ‘Hallo, Is Daar Iemand?’ (‘Hello, Is Anybody Out There?’, located in the district of Floriande in Hoofddorp/ NL.

While passing the artwork, a series of letters appears and disappears in the alternating of the railings of the fence over its full length. As if someone has just left a memo, a memento for ever in the trellis: ‘Ben even weg’ (‘Back soon’).

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Title: ‘Ben Even Weg’ (‘Back Soon’)
Artist: Martijn Sandberg
Location: Dussenstraat / Hankstraat, Floriande Hoofddorp/ NL
Material: brown coated steel, precast concrete
Measurements: (lxh) 14.5m x 4.5m
Concept and figuration: 2005
Final design: 2006
Realisation: 2006-2007
Completion: 2007
Commissioned by: Bouwfonds MAB (Municipal Building Fund MAB), Haarlem/ NL and District of Haarlemmermeer, Hoofddorp/ NL

Photo by: Martijn Sandberg

‘Ben Even Weg’ (‘Back Soon’), Martijn Sandberg, Hoofddorp.