After all: A painting is never finished | 19 October 2021

This is one of my favourites in the early invitation collection, dating from my youth. On the front is a painting by Maarten Ploeg, from 1981.
I was fourteen then, when the re-emergence of expressive painting (‘Neue Wilden’) in Germany and Europe also flourished in the Netherlands, with a.o. Maarten Ploeg and Peter Klashorst at the forefront.
During the exhibition ‘Ik schilder, dus ik ben’, Maarten Ploeg together with Peter Klashorst painted over their paintings on show. After all: ‘A painting is never finished’.

Martijn Sandberg, 19 October 2021

‘Ik schilder, dus ik ben’, invitation card, group show, Dienst Beeldende Kunst, Kruithuis Den Bosch, 31 Oct 1981 – 3 Jan 1982.

‘Ik schilder, dus ik ben’, Maarten Ploeg a.o, invitation card, 1982. (photo: Martijn Sandberg)