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Martijn Sandberg and BK-Fabrics designed the interior of Pizzart's art café in Fribourg (Switzerland). The new design is based on existing structures, such as the tiled walls and the narrow, oblong shape of the space itself.
By implementing tiles as a typesetting for a textual image within an architectural construction, BK-Fabrics and Sandberg have managed to create a hybrid form of interior design and incorporated graffiti.
The café's visitors not only enter a bar, they enter an artwork. Floor, ceiling, counter and two long tables are integrated in one single construction: a long strip of tiles that forms a continuous loop. To the attentive eye, the black and white tiles will disclose their hidden meaning: 'No Image No Message'.

Title: 'No Image No Message'
Interior design: BK-Fabrics, Amsterdam
Artist: Martijn Sandberg, Amsterdam
Location: Pizzart Café, Rue Pierre-Aeby 31, Fribourg, Switzerland
Size: (lxwxh) 1480cm x 105cm x 210cm
Material: black and white tiles 10cm x 10cm, wood, steel construction
Commissioned by: Pizzart Foundation, Switzerland

(photos: Charles Ellena / text: Nienke Vijlbrief)

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'No Image No Message' 2003
Pizzart Café, Fribourg/ CH.

'No Image No Message' 2003
Pizzart Café, Fribourg/ CH.

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