I Want More Space, Zuiderkerkprijs 2004


The artwork 'I Want More Space' for the Zuiderkerkprijs 2004 is an omen, writing on the wall. The work may be seen as a ‘window’ looking out upon architecture and, as letters upon the wall, entering into relationship with it.

The visual artist Martijn Sandberg has designed a special letter for this work, based on a typographic dot raster. The work functions as image-language or an ‘image-message’, where perforations in the aluminium panel form the image and the message. The more distance to the work, the sharper the letters may be perceived. The work thus claims more physical space than it actually occupies, entering into a direct relationship with its environment. This effect is reinforced in that the letters fill the entire surface of the work and seem to bump against the square frame. In that sense, the work of art takes itself literally: I Want More Space!

The artist is here taking advantage of the creation of space as a function of architecture. The text ‘I Want More Space’ begs the question as to what extent architecture creates space or takes it away. The statement touches on aspects of life itself, everyone’s need for housing and room to move, the need for more space. At the same time the work is also a statement on the visual arts. The work of art functions as available space for the translation of the artist’s personal vision.

Catalogue-text 'Projectdocumentatie 2003/2004 Woningbouw'.
(translation: Helen-Anne Ross)
Publisher: Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam.

The Award was presented to the architect and developer of the winning plan 2003/2004 for architecture and public housing in Amsterdam at 'Planpresentatie 2004' in the Zuiderkerk Church, Amsterdam. The winner of the Zuiderkerkprijs 2004 is Faro Architecten for its plan Geuzentuinen in Amsterdam.

Title: ‘I Want More Space’, Zuiderkerkprijs 2004
Artist: Martijn Sandberg
Year: 2004
Size: 50cm x 50cm x 1,5cm
Material: perforated aluminium
Commissioned by: Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam

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'I Want More Space', Zuiderkerkprijs 2004. Perforated aluminium. 50cm x 50cm. (photo: A. van der Hoek)

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