25 October 2021

Here's a recent acquisition - the announcement card by Dutch artist Maarten Ploeg for the 1985 exhibition 'XYZ' at Zeno X Gallery, Gent, Belgium. A nice addition to my collection of interesting invitation cards by artists I like, or still like.

'XYZ', Maarten Ploeg, invitation card, 1985

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'Schilderijen' by Maarten Ploeg

20 October 2021

Here is a beautiful, small print on the cover of a brochure, acquired at the Maarten Ploeg exhibition that I saw in 1985 in Galerie Jurka, Amsterdam. Liked it then, like it still.

'Schilderijen', Maarten Ploeg, 1985

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After all: A painting is never finished

19 October 2021

'Ik schilder, dus ik ben' ('I paint, therefore I am'), Maarten Ploeg (a.o.), invitation, 1981. - This is one of my favourites in the collection of early invitations, dating from my youth. On the front is a painting by Maarten Ploeg, from 1981.

'Ik schilder dus ik ben', invitation card, 1981

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Lost invitation cards by René Daniëls

6 June 2021

A recent acquisition - the invitation cards for the René Daniëls exhibitions, that I saw in 1984 and 1987 in Galerie Helen van der Meij and in Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam.

René Daniëls, invitation card, 1987
Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam

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'Pinselwiderstand' ('Paint Brush Resistance')

4 August 2020

A gem from my personal archive of interesting titles: the announcement card for 'Pinselwiderstand', a discussion with German artist Jorg Immendorff in the Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven at 8.15 pm on Friday 15 May 1981.

'Pinselwiderstand', Immendorff, 1981

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21 augustus 2019

'Manuscript' is de titel van deze prachtige 'handgeschreven' tekeningen van René Daniëls, gepubliceerd als kunstenaarspagina's in Metropolis M magazine, no. 3, (p.18-21), 1983.

Tekst: 'Manuscript'

'Manuscript', René Daniëls, Metropolis M, 1983

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21 August 2019

'Manuscript' is the title of these beautiful 'hand written' drawings by René Daniëls, published as artist pages in Metropolis M magazine, no.3, (p.18-21), 1983.


'Manuscript', René Daniëls, Metropolis M, 1983

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Dutch Painting

19 augustus 2019

Martijn Sandberg fotografeert een vroege, originele tekening met pen en inkt van René Daniëls, in een exemplaar van de in 1978 gepubliceerde uitgave 'Dutch Painting'; een intrigerende combinatie van de tekening en de titel op het titelblad.

Tekst: 'Dutch Painting'

'Dutch Painting', tekening, René Daniëls

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Dutch Painting

19 August 2019

Early, original drawing in pen and ink by René Daniëls, in a copy of the 1978 publication 'Dutch Painting' - an intriguing combination of drawing and title on the title page.

Text: 'Dutch Painting'

'Dutch Painting', drawing, René Daniëls

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Drawings from 1984, fished out of the dustbin

15 June 2019

Drawings by Martijn Sandberg from 1984, fished out of the dustbin. A mixture of visual puns and rhymes, twisted titles and names. The series is about art, artworks and trends in the art world of the time that have now become art history.
The four early drawings may also be seen as a portrait of the artist at the age of seventeen.

Text: 'Drawings from 1984, fished out of the dustbin'

'Von Hier Aus' (Drawings 1984)
Martijn Sandberg

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14 June 2019

As a follow-up to the 'Dem Komischen Gesetz Gehorchend' text in English and Dutch in my June blog 2018, here are more 'Dokoupiliana'. (...)

Text: 'Dokoupiliana'

Georg Dokoupil, invitation card, 1985
Galerie Paul Maenz, Cologne

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Inventory Post-War Wall Art Amsterdam

6 December 2018

In the last two years at the request of the City Council, Amsterdam monumental wall art from the post-war reconstruction period (1945-1975) was listed and evaluated.

On Thursday 6 December 2018, the Amsterdam city council organised a symposium around the inventory and the survey. A number of speakers at this symposium, including Martijn Sandberg, discussed post-war monumental wall art from different perspectives.

Text (ENG): 'Inventory Post-War Wall Art Amsterdam'

'Post-War Monumental Wall Art', 2018
Brochure, BMA, Amsterdam

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Inventarisatie Naoorlogse Wandkunst Amsterdam

6 december 2018

In de afgelopen twee jaar is Amsterdamse monumentale wandkunst uit de wederopbouwperiode (1945-1975), op verzoek van de Gemeenteraad, geïnventariseerd en beoordeeld.

Op donderdag 6 december 2018 organiseerde de gemeente Amsterdam een symposium over de inventarisatie en het onderzoek. In dit symposium werd door een aantal sprekers, waaronder Martijn Sandberg, de naoorlogse monumentale wandkunst vanuit verschillende invalshoeken belicht.

Tekst (NL): 'Inventarisatie Naoorlogse Wandkunst Amsterdam'

'Naoorlogse Monumentale Wandkunst', 2018
Publicatie, BMA, Gemeente Amsterdam

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Only One Picture, Not Thousands, Out of One Idea

24 October 2018

Another gem from the personal archive, and a good read: the handwritten pamphlet by 'Gruppe Normal' - Peter Angermann, Jan Knap and Milan Kunc -, published in conjunction with a show held at Neue Galerie, Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen (D), in 1981.

Text: 'Only One Picture, Not Thousands, Out of One Idea'

'Gruppe Normal', pamphlet, offset print, 1981
Peter Angermann, Jan Knap, Milan Kunc

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Exvitations for Beautiful Exhibitions

31 August 2018

Here are some cards, photographed in August 2018, from my personal archive of invitations to several René Daniëls exhibitions I visited in my teens.
Every one of them little works of art - with a drawing on the front the artist made specifically to announce the exhibition. The invitation as an 'Exvitation for Beautiful Exhibitions'; 'Innodiging voor Mooie Tentoonstellingen'.

Text: 'Exvitation for Beautiful Exhibitions'

René Daniëls, invitation card, 1985
Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam

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Dem Komischen Gesetz Gehorchend (Following Comic Law)

20 June 2018

Throughout centuries of Art History, works of art have conducted endless conversations with each other and have never ceased giving mutual feedback.
The visual artist Jiri Georg Dokoupil painted a canvas in 1987, depicting seven black shapes with the text: 'Following cosmic law, Dokoupil spontaneously created seven black forms on 6-6-1987.' (...)

Text (ENG): 'Following Comic Law'

Georg Dokoupil, invitation card, 1983
Galerie Paul Maenz, Cologne

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Dem Komischen Gesetz Gehorchend

20 juni 2018

Dwars door de eeuwen van de kunstgeschiedenis heen, voeren de kunstwerken onderling eindeloze gesprekken en leveren onophoudelijk commentaar op elkaar.
Beeldend kunstenaar Jiri Georg Dokoupil schilderde in 1987 een doek waarop zeven zwarte vormen zijn afgebeeld met de tekst: 'Dem kosmischen Gesetz gehorchend, schafft Dokoupil am 6-6-1987 spontan sieben schwarze Formen'. (...)

Tekst (NL): 'Dem Komischen Gesetz Gehorchend'

Georg Dokoupil, uitnodigingskaart, 1983
Galerie Paul Maenz, Keulen

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With A Colleague's Regards

Amsterdam, 1 March 2018

Louis van Gasteren (1922-2016) was a filmmaker, visual artist and "seismographer of his time". My first encounter with Louis van Gasteren's oeuvre was the documentary 'Hans Het Leven voor de Dood', which I saw in a Leiden filmhouse around 1983. (...)

Text (ENG): 'With A Colleague's Regards'

Louis van Gasteren, 1983
Portrait in mirror

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Met Collegiale Groet

Amsterdam, 1 maart 2018

Louis van Gasteren (1922-2016) was filmmaker, beeldend kunstenaar en "seismograaf van zijn tijd". Mijn eerste kennismaking met het oeuvre van Louis van Gasteren is de documentaire 'Hans Het Leven voor de Dood', die ik zag rond 1983 in een filmhuis in Leiden. (...)

Tekst (NL): 'Met Collegiale Groet'

Louis van Gasteren, 1983
Portret in spiegel

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Favourite Sites in Amsterdam

3 February 2018

Martijn Sandberg describes and photographs his choice of five locations in the city of Amsterdam. The article was previously published in the London-based magazine Citylikeyou in January 2012.

Text: 'Favourite Sites in Amsterdam'

'Dis-pe-reert Niet' ('Do Not Des-pair')
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

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The Rebirth of the Poet

7 November 2017

A biography of Kathy Acker (1944-1997) was published recently in 2017, written by Chris Kraus. Remarkably, not a single word is devoted to the Gesamtkunstwerk 'The Birth of The Poet' in the biography, 'After Kathy Acker'. An omission in the biography.

The time is ripe for a reprise, a re-enactment - 'The Rebirth of the Poet'.

Text (ENG): 'The Rebirth of the Poet (De Wedergeboorte van de Dichter)'

'The Birth of the Poet', 1984
Flyer, RO Theater, Rotterdam

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The Rebirth of the Poet

7 november 2017

Onlangs verscheen in 2017 een biografie over Kathy Acker (1944-1997), geschreven door Chris Kraus. In de biografie 'After Kathy Acker' schittert het Gesamtkunstwerk 'The Birth of the Poet' door afwezigheid. Een nalatigheid in de biografie.

De tijd is rijp voor een reprise, een re-enactment - 'The Rebirth of the Poet'.

Tekst (NL): 'The Rebirth of the Poet (De Wedergeboorte van de Dichter)'

'De Geboorte van de Dichter', 1984
Flyer, RO Theater, Rotterdam

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Instead Of 'DNB Must Not Be'

9 June 2015

Many people consider De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) Head Office at Frederiksplein to rank among the ugliest buildings in Amsterdam.
De Nederlandsche Bank is located where the Paleis voor Volksvlijt (Palace for National Industry) went up in flames in 1929. Some call for the De Nederlandsche Bank to be demolished in favour of rebuilding the Paleis voor Volksvlijt.

Demolishing De Nederlandsche Bank, however, would imply the permanent loss of an intriguing artwork to the Amsterdam street scene.

Text: 'Instead Of 'DNB Must Not Be'

Fence, Peter Struycken, 1992
De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

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In Plaats Van 'DNB Weg Ermee'

9 juni 2015

Het hoofdkantoor van De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) aan het Frederiksplein behoort volgens velen tot de lelijke gebouwen in Amsterdam.
De Nederlandsche Bank staat op de locatie waar in 1929 het Paleis voor Volksvlijt in vlammen opging. Er wordt geroepen om afbraak van De Nederlandsche Bank ten gunste van de herbouw van het Paleis voor Volksvlijt.

Sloop van De Nederlandsche Bank impliceert echter dat een intrigerend kunstwerk voorgoed verloren zou gaan uit het Amsterdamse straatbeeld.

Tekst: 'In Plaats Van 'DNB Weg Ermee'

Hekwerk, Peter Struycken, 1992
De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

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'Artworks metro stations', early documents, Amsterdam, 5 August 2011

As a follow-up to the 'Demolition Ball and Battle of Waterloo' text in English and Dutch in my June blog, here is a collection of early documents related to the artworks created for the Amsterdam metro stations in the Seventies and early Eighties.
This historic material, photographed in July 2011, comes from the archives of Louis van Gasteren.

‘Van Metro tot Beeldbuis’, leaflet, 1975
Archive: Louis van Gasteren

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'Slopersbal en Slag bij Waterloo' (NL), Amsterdam, 29 juni 2011

Bij de vernieuwing van de Oostlijn van de metro in Amsterdam dreigen in meerdere stations de karakteristieke kunstwerken, vervaardigd in de jaren zeventig en begin jaren tachtig, te verdwijnen.
Het betreft o.a. het Gesamtkunstwerk van Jan Sierhuis, Louis van Gasteren, Tine Hofman e.a. in metrostation Nieuwmarkt, de typografie 'Waterloo' van Willem Sandberg in station Waterlooplein en de letters van Opland bij halte Wibautstraat. Het kunstwerk van Siet Zuyderland in metrostation CS is helaas onlangs verwijderd.

Het is van cultureel belang te ageren en direct actie te ondernemen om de nog bestaande kunstwerken in de metrostations te behouden en te behoeden voor de slag van de slopersbal.

Tekst: 'Slopersbal en Slag bij Waterloo'

Slopersbal, kunstwerk Jan Sierhuis, 1980
Metrostation Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam

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'Demolition Ball and Battle of Waterloo' (ENG), Amsterdam, 29 June 2011

There is a danger that distinctive works of art created in the Seventies and early Eighties will vanish from several stations, as part of the Amsterdam Metro East Line renovation.
They include the Gesamt artwork by Jan Sierhuis, Louis van Gasteren, Tine Hofman and others in the Nieuwmarkt metro station, the typography 'Waterloo' by Willem Sandberg at Waterlooplein station, and the letters by Opland at Wibautstraat station.
Regrettably, the artwork by Siet Zuyderland in CS station was recently removed.

It is of real cultural importance to mount a campaign and take direct action to retain the works of art still existing in the metro stations, and to protect them from the strokes of the demolition ball.

Text: 'Demolition Ball and Battle of Waterloo'

Demolition ball, artwork by Jan Sierhuis, 1980
Metro station Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam

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